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The "March of Life" movement was founded in Germany by Jobst Bittner, a theologian from Tübingen.

During the nineties, he realizes that a veil of silence remains among families in German society about the horrors experienced and committed during the Second World War under the Nazi regime. He understands that these silences still imprison the victims descendants as well as the persecutors descendants. He then decides to initiate actions in the form of marches, which he named "March of Life", antithesis to the marches of death, causing the death of hundred thousands of people during the evacuation of the death camps by the German troops at the end of the war.

The "March of Life" movement leads to the underscoring of past events, reconciliation and healing procedures. Jobst Bittner relates his experience in his book : " Breaking the Veil of Silence". To this day, more than 30'000 individuals have participated in 400 marches worldwide, in more than 17 different countries.

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