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On May 5, 2019, around 320 people walked the streets of Geneva from the "Place des Nations" to the "Salle Communale de Plainpalais".


The objective pursued by this second step of the march in Geneva was to go through another period of the history of Geneva in connection with the Jewish community.


The "Place des Nations" hosted speeches on the theme of anti-Zionism.


The march then went to the "Cropettes school" to tell the story of Rosette Wolczak who was driven back to the Geneva border and then deported to the Auschwitz camp from where she never returned.


Passing through the synagogue of Beth Yaccov, the march ended its journey at the town hall of Plainpalais, where a meeting was held initiated by Georges Oltramare, a notorious anti-semite and politician from Geneva. 


Several testimonies, messages and artistic productions expressed the desire to enhance the heritage left by the Jewish community in our city and our country.

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